Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Shit People Say" Meme Spiking Today

UPDATED 4pm - A “Shit People Say…” video came out today that caught my eye. It was about LA and, I’m sorry to say, it had me laughing. At least smiling. There has been a rapid proliferation of “Shit People Say” videos recently; it’s a viral meme that has been building and exploded today. Where did it start and how has it expanded?

It seems that the meme started from Justin, a twitter user, who posted as #shitmydadsays. According to his bio "I'm 29. I live with my 74-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says". Justin starting putting these out there around Aug 2009. He has around 2.9M followers. He has posted less frequently in the past year. I'm not sure how many little offshoots his tweets created, but eventually it led to a twitter feed from #shitgirlssay.  Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard started tweeting and retweeting great one-liners after April 2011… – #shitgirlssay presently have 909K followers. They're funny. But tweets are just tweets. These guys pulled the idea out and changed the presentation. 

They created a youtube channel on Oct 9, 2011. Shortly thereafter, on Dec 12, 2011, they posted their first video: “Shit Girls Say – Episode 1”. It has 12.5M views over the past month.

A smattering of variations showed up slowly. My hip NYC pal Nar sent me “Shit White Girls say to Black Girls ”, on January 5. (It had only been uploaded to YouTube on January 4th.) In the past couple weeks it already has had 7.2M views.
"Shit Asian Dads Say" came out on Jan 15 and rapidly hit 2.6M views.
"Shit New Yorkers Say" released on Jan 18. It's up to 2.4M views now, a few days later.

Every day for the past week about 4 pages of new versions have been posted to YouTube. But today, by noon, there were more than 13 pages of new YouTube videos.

I noticed that a small business has created a "Sh*t Web Designers Say" video a couple hours ago that is promoted in the search results. I don't like that they couldn't even write out "Shit" in the title like every single other video in this meme they're trying to surf. Really? You didn't want to offend?

Individually, most don't hit the radar. But the rush to make another hit is on. The LA one i just saw has only 300 views. And 1000 more the next hour. Will it reach 1M?

In the past 24 hours there have been versions for: skipping gym, people in wheelchairs, Mexicans, Barack Obama, and Saudis and hundreds more. 

Yes, something is hockey-sticking today. The spike is now - and then quickly it will be tired (my friend who posted the LA video was already apologizing for doing so...). What's your favorite?

It took 2 days for the LA Video to reach 1M views.

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