Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm sort of glad to see a new look at TRON. I loved it as a kid - and pushed the release of my book Defending the Galaxy (1982) so that I could include some screen shots of the "new" videogame that was released along with the movie (a first, i'm pretty sure). Back then I thought the effects were cool. Writing Droidmaker, I got new appreciation for the movie - and the technological "arms race" between Lucasfilm (working on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn) and Disney (and their tech outsiders) working on Tron. Lucasfilm won - both in releasing first, and in having a far more successful movie to try out their seminal computer graphics. (The full backstory of the Genesis Effect in Star Trek and the simultaneous work on TRON, you'd read Ch. 16 of DROIDMAKER, called "1,621 Frames.") Still, TRON holds a special place in geeky boomer's hearts.

At ComicCon this week, geeks got a first look at the long-awaited TRON sequel, Tron Legacy.

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