Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sundance Sketches

I just posted three small sketches I created in Park City back in 2003 - I call the set "See and Be Seen" and it follows all my well-documented beliefs in video sketches -- they were shot spontaneously, they were edited quickly to a runtime of about 2 minutes each (for legal reasons I'm posting them with no music, just the production sound), and they're pretty okay (not fantastic, but completely appropriate for a personal video project). No-effort mini-documentaries.

SEE AND BE SEEN concerns my observation at Sundance (it was 2003, but it's true every year) that everyone is either LOOKING or HOPING TO BE SEEN. Stars and fans. Journalists and filmmakers. 25% of the people are stars or look like stars; everyone else is looking for stars... this is my sketch of what Sundance looks like to me. (Check out YouTube for all three of them. They're short. I'd be interested in feedback.)

Extra Points if you can locate: Roger Ebert, Seth Green, Illeana Douglas, or Al Gore!

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WhizGidget said...

Interesting slices of life Michael... And I did spot Douglas and Ebert in this particular one.

You did make a good statement in your blog entry though - people either look like someone or are someone or are looking for someone. It's just like the day I was looking in one of the jewelry store windows and someone came up to me (despite wearing bright red NFLX gear) and asked "You look so familiar, I've been watching and I can't place you. Are you someobody?"

I stopped, blinked and said "Isn't everybody somebody?" before smiling and catching up to my husband. He still thinks that's the best Sundance experience EVER.