Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The WGA Strike, Groundhog Day, and My Brain

Danny, my creative writing brother, posted his latest thoughts on stuff -- in particular, a meditation on my "situation", the WGA strike, and his work on the ending of "Groundhog Day." Because i was mentioned in said blog, I felt compelled to add a comment, which i did.

As an aside: i've really been touched by everyone's notes, offers of company and assistance, and general positive vibes. I don't recall ever being sick or on the receiving end of this kind of support before, but in a way, it's as life altering an experience as the stroke itself. I've got little to do these hours but ponder my state. I wonder if i am changed like Phil, without the benefit of lifetimes, or will this drift away once i am mostly healthy, back at work, and commuting to Netflix. That's my meditation this afternoon. Is it almost Feb 13th?

Happy Birthday, Danny. You're a good big bro.


eviltimes said...

Hang in there, bro. Just got out myself after a week of probes and surgery. I think someone made a mistake cause I got a private room! More tests and craziness scheduled for the weeks to come, but at least I am home (for now). Here's to quality meds and may be a doc or two who know what they are doing! Cheers!

Danny said...

You ain't heavy.

-- Your brother.

Marcus (aka various) said...

Very late to the "so sorry to hear about...", but only just found out. And I'll bet you'd prefer not to have a big fuss made anyway - except maybe by the surgical team itself! So, low key best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

David said...

Hey Mike-
If you didn't want to ski in Park City there's easier ways to avoid it.
See you back in S.C. for movies.