Monday, October 24, 2005

Wandering NYC

Is this stupid? I walked into the Barnes & Noble at Union Square this afternoon to see if they had the book yet. The info guy checked his computer. "Yes... we have it on the 4th floor -- in film studies."
Jeez... 4th floor? how come it's not when you walk in the front door, with the other newly release hardcover nonfiction titles? I slink out and hope that other bookstores give it a better shot.

On the bright side, I stuck my head into the Apple Store in SOHO, where i'm speaking tomorrow night. Noon on a monday. The place was friggin' packed. Don't these people work?! I ask an employee about tomorrow's event, and he dutifully announces that the author of DROIDMAKER will be there, and that it would probably be good to show up early if I want a seat. "You know these Star Wars fans..." he says.

I return to my hotel to learn that the Museum of Science in Boston would like me to speak this weekend, during their "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit. How cool. If you're in Boston this weekend, come on down.

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