Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apple Flagship Store - Soho

Niiiiice place.

Maybe this is a New York thing, but this store is packed, two stories of milling iPods and laptops, at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. I’m stunned. Barnes & Noble shows up on time in order to set up a table to sell my book – the Apple store inexplicably chooses to debut the book, but not keep it in stock, so B&N has a concession to provide books. Don't ask.

The audience is good (particularly for a rainy cold night, i'm told) and it's an interesting mix from the public -- mac fans nodding their heads as I show screens of EditDroid and SoundDroid and compare them to iMovie... skeptical glances from youthful Star Wars geeks, who have questions about every single thing I say... but its a good talk and a great kick off for the tour.

I show my video from Union Square before the talk. The audience is stunned.

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